Our supreme experience in Spectral Domain OCT allows us to provide the market with an updated SOCT Copernicus REVO featuring next generation spectrometer offering noticeablely faster scaning speed and enhanced image quality across the hole scanning window. The updated SOCT Copernicus REVO meets all demands in daily routine practice.

OCT made simple as never before. All you have to do is to position the patient and press the START button to acquire examinations of both eyes. The device will make examination independently. Small system footprint, various operator and patient positions allow to install SOCT Copernicus REVO even in the smallest examination rooms. Variety of review and analysis tools gives the operator a choice of using it as a screening or as an advanced diagnostic device. The noise reduction technology provides the finest details proven to be important for early disease detection.

OCT made simple asnever before

Position the patient and pressthe START button to acquireexaminations of both eyes.The SOCT Copernicus REVO, usingvocal messages, guides the patientthrough the process increasingcomfort and reducing patient chairtime.

Creating customised scanningprotocols of differentdiagnostic scenarios willspeed up workflow.

A perfect fit for every practice

Small system footprint, various operator and patient positions and connection by a single cable allows the installationof SOCT Copernicus REVO into the smallest of examination room spaces. Revo’s variety of examination and analysistools enables it to effortlessly function as a screening or advanced diagnostic device.

High quality of OCT image

The noise reduction technology provides the finest details proven to be important for early disease detection.

SOCT Copernicus REVO offers all the newest standardsavailable in Spectral OCT technology.


A single 3D macula scan performs both Retina andGlaucoma analysis.The software automatically recognises 8 retinallayers which assists with a precise diagnosisand the mapping of any changes in the patient’scondition.


This non-invasive dye free technique allows the visualizationof the microvasculature of the retina. Both blood flow andstructural visualization will give additional information in thediagnosis of many retinal diseases. Angiography scan allowsassessment of the structural vasculature of the macula,periphery or the optic disc. Extremely short scanning time1.6 second in standard resolution or within ~3 seconds inhigh resolution.Now Angiography OCT can become a routine diagnosis inyour practice.


The Angiography mosaic delivers high-detailed imagesover large field of the retina. Available modes allow to seepredefined region of the retina in a convenient way.Manual mode allows to scan desired region. Analysis toolsallow to see vascular layers, enface or thickness maps.


12x12 mm WidefieldCentral scan is perfectfor fast and precisescreening of thepatient’s retina.

Peripheral scanningreveals diseases in thefar periphery.


Comprehensive glaucoma analysis tools for quantificationof Nerve Fiber Layer, Ganglion layer OpticNerve Head with DDLS allows for precise diagnosisand the monitoring of glaucoma over time.

Asymmetry Analysis of Ganglion layers betweenhemispheres and between eyes allow the identificationand detection of glaucoma in its early stages and in nontypicalpatients.


Revo’s standard high density scanningcapability and blood vessel structurerecognition enable a precise alignmentof past and current scansOperator can analyze changes inmorphology, quantified progression mapsand evaluate the progression trends


For a standard anterior examination, noadditional lens is required. This allowsthe examiner to quickly complete thescanning procedure.Additional adapter provided with thedevice increases range of clinical applicationin Anterior chamber observation.


Innovative method of using the posterior OCT device to measure ocular structure along eye axis. OCTBiometry provides complete set of Biometry parameters: Axial Length AL, Central Cornea Thickness CCT, AnteriorChamber Depth ACD, Lens Thickness LT.


All measurement calipersare shown on all boundariesof OCT image provided byREVO. Now, you can visuallyverify, identify and if neededcorrect which structure of theeye has been measured.