A picture says more than 1,000 words.
Use the Kerathograph 4 as a marketing tool and incorpporate it actively into your consultations. With the Keratograph 4 software you can show images which your cliënts / patiënts have never seen before.

Contact lens fitting and fluorescein Imagine Simulation
Contact lenses are recommended on an individual basis and displayed in a list. In order to avoid taking more steps than necessary when fitting contact lenses, the fluorescein image can be simulated beforehand. The contact lens can be rotated and moved around. Fluorescein image simulation is adjusted automatically. The intergrated and expendable database contains all customary types of contact lenses and is updated on a regular basis. The user can determine the order in which contact lens manufacturers appear.

Oximap - Visualizing the Oxigen Transmissibility
Professional patient consultation
The cornea needs oxygen and a good oxygen supply is fundamental for the comfort of a contactlens wearer. New material used for soft contact lenses offer excellent oxygen transmissibility. This can be shown with the new OCULUS Oximap display. You can easily show these color maps to your patients and help them choose better contact lenses.

TF-scan makes the tear film visible
This software shows the quality and quantity of the tear film. In cases of dry eye patients and contact lens wearers, the tear film should be examined carefully. Only an intact tear film guarantees contact lens wearing comfort! The Keratographn 4 measures the tear film breakup time non-invasively (quality assessment). You can show your patient the individual tear film quality using the color maps and by taking another non-anvasive measurement to determine the amount of tear film (tear film quality)